We believe in the power of architecture to transform lives.

We are architects, planners, and designers collaboratively creating spaces that transform the way people live.


At Studio+, we create healthcare, senior living, and educational environments tailored to the specific needs of the people occupying a facility. Our inclusive design process identifies the experts within your existing system—the physicians, technicians, teachers, nurses, administrators, and more—and involves them throughout the design and construction of your facility to ensure that the built environment empowers your people.


+      Architecture
        Assisted Living & Senior Care
        Higher Ed & Lab Design
        Lean Design & 3P Cardboard Simulation

+      Planning
        Master Planning
        Feasibility Studies

+      Interior Design
        Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
        Space Planning
        Lighting Design        
        Artwork Commissioning

+      Creative Consulting
        Communication Design
        Graphic Design


Our 4 core values have shaped the way we think, sketch, design, and create transformative places.

Lean and collaborative design isn't just something we do—it is an integral part of our company culture and influences the outcome of every project we design. This process has created a wide variety of successful facilities, including the following:


4 studios.
2 states.
One vision.

Studio+ Plus Office Map.png

Studio+ Fort Myers
12730 New Brittany Blvd #606
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Studio+ Central Florida
941 West Morse Blvd #100
Winter Park, FL 32789

Studio+ Tampa
2211 E. 7th Ave
Tampa, Florida 33605

Studio+ Los Angeles
950 S. Grand Ave 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Studio+ Irvine
2070 Business Center Dr. #295
Irvine, CA 92612