We are a collective of diverse designers with a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas.

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It all started with a mission: no matter the project, we would use design to transform lives.


Architecture done differently.
We tore down our walls, collapsed the design silo, and invited end users into our open design studio in order to create transformational spaces together.

Transformation creates growth.
We've experienced tremendous growth. But it hasn't gone to our heads: by focusing on the client, we've maintained a 95% retention rate.

A national focus.
Our focus has expanded to a national playing field, and we now regularly share our design thinking with health, wellness, and education leaders around the United States.


We are still committed to the same core mission, vision, and values we established while founding our firm.


Our Values



People are at the root of everything we do, and are the #1 focus of Studio+. Good people are our DNA and the key to successful project delivery, and the lives of the individuals using our spaces are our mission.



We live, breathe, and eat design. Our passion is the fuel that pushes our team to beat deadlines, lead teams, and design great environments. Our passion and competitiveness is what has created our unique company culture.



We believe that design should be driven by process. A project should never rely solely on the vision of the architect—it should be shaped and fine-tuned by the expectations of our clients and the needs of the space's end users.



We believe in getting the job done right the first time, on budget, and on schedule. Our business is built on client satisfaction—that is how we've become the trusted design partner of many nationally respected healthcare, senior living, and educational institutions.