We are architects and designers focused on transforming the future of health, wellness, and education.


We are Studio+


We are dynamic.
We embrace change, design thinking, and creativity—that enables us to creatively future-proof your facilities.

We are passionate.
We bring big ideas to the table, but we always thirst for new knowledge—so we listen to our clients and end users.

We are designers.
Our collaborative Big Room design process facilitates a better client and end user experience.


We have a team unlike any other.

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We cultivate a culture that equally values work, creativity, and fun.


We work together.
We encourage a competitive spirit in our studios, but when it comes to completing projects, we all wear many hats and do whatever it takes to succeed.

We are mentors.
In our studios, principals sit next to interns. We believe that we are always training the next generation to do our jobs, and to do them well.

We are focused on people.
Every business decision is focused on people over profit. We are deeply invested in the personal and professional achievements of our staff.


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